I got a wonderful call last Friday night from my Uncle Bruce.  He was letting me know that his OU/Tenn tickets were up for grabs if I wanted them. I think I told him “Yes!” before he even had a chance to finish asking me.  Then Bruce reminded me that I should probably clear things with the wife.  Charlene could see the excitement on my face and gave me the thumbs up.

A couple seasons ago I took Beau to an OU game. His favorite part was the cotton candy and the fireworks.  Eli has been reminding me that he has never had the opportunity go to an OU game for fireworks and cotton candy with his Dad.  His time had finally come. 20140913_192623

20140913_205730We got to Norman in time to hit the fan fest and swing by the RUF/NEKS 99th anniversary tailgate.  I think fan fest was the highlight for Eli.  He got to throw a bunch of footballs and bean bags.  This was the first time I’ve made it to fan fest, and it was pretty sweet. They were handing out all kinds of swag.  Eli won some sweet sun glasses for his bean bag tossing skills.

Once we finally made it in the stadium, Eli was ready for some cotton candy.  He had been waiting at least two years for that sweet sweet cotton candy.  Turns out they don’t sell cotton candy anymore, so instead we just bought fruit snacks, M&Ms, corn dogs, chili cheese fries, and popcorn.  I’m still recovering from the 10,000 calories that were consumed that night. He was pretty sure a trip to the concession stand was needed in each quarter.

What’s with the “OU Beats Bockattack” title? A few days ago I was attempting to explain fantasy football to my children. I was failing miserably, but they did remember that my team name was “Bockattack”.  Eli was convinced that we were going to a game where the Oklahoma Sooners would play the Tennessee Bockattacks.  I tried to correct him, but he thought I was talking crazy.  Then it just got to the point where it was hilarious.  Every time OU scored, Eli would yell “OU has 20 points and the Bockattacks only have 7!”  He was getting some weird looks from the people sitting around us, and I was just chuckling like no other.  

We had good times and he made it until we put the game away in the fourth quarter.  While I was carrying him on my shoulders the two miles to where we parked, he let me know that football games in person are not boring like when we watch them on TV. He said his favorite parts were the fireworks, the band, bean bag toss, and the wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man.


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